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22 Mei 2021

Hiskya & Devie

“You are the love that came without warning, you had my heart before I could say no” –Anonym

Maybe this quote is perfect for this couple. Hiskya and Devie have only been dating for 4 month, before they decide to get married. They came to Bali and choose My Dream Bridal Bali for their sweet memories. Devie is purple addicted, all of her belongings always purple. Even their gown for pre-wedding photoshoot was purple. They are a unique couple.


On pre-wedding day, Devie felt unwell during photoshoot, but Hiskya with his patience waited Devie felt well, fortunately, Devie could struggle and they got the beautiful moments. At the second location they could see the perfect sunset. Hiskya and Devie stood up on a large rock and they enjoyed the sun that slowly changed the color to orange. That was a beautiful moment and we proud to be a part of these moments.


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