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27 April 2021

Kennedy & Lina

“Distance gives us a reason to love harder – anonym”

Lina and Kennedy met at first time in KFC (fast-food resto). Then they are fall in love and choose in long distance relationship between Bali-Kalimantan for 1 year. After that they choose to getting married and choose My dream Bridal to caught the good memories in pre wedding photo-shoot. In the first location Lina was so beautiful in wedding dress and she enjoyed the photoshoot meanwhile Kennedy looked be shy but when he saw his love, he tried to enjoy the photoshoot. Then when we arrived in second location we found the perfect sunset in Balangan beach. With a beautiful orange sky and perfect sun that slowly down hid to the sea. It was made a beautiful memories for them. They enjoyed the moment and fall in love. After one year in long distance relationship, they count the time to getting together. Happily ever after.


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