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03 July 2021

Jonathan & Cathrine

“In an endless garden of flowers, I will always pick you”

-A.J Lawless-


Jonathan and Cathrine are Dentist. First time we heard that they were in the same university to get their doctor degree and met because they joined same group activity. Since then they were getting close and get to know each other and decide to date without any of them to asking first. It cool yet romantic. After they graduated and starting get stable job they decided to get married.

They came to our bridal as a lovely couple who trying to find perfect wedding dress for their holy matrimony ceremony and then Cathrine fell in love in some wedding dress by then they asked us to be their wedding organizer who organize all the event from the preparation, the holy matrimony and of course the wedding dinner.

Start from the preparation the lovely couple was happy yet excited for the best day in their life, the wedding day! But the situation changed because of the new regulation of social distancing and some restriction from government that made they must accept the situation that will affect to their guest attendee. But that didn’t make them worry too much because we help them to make sure the guest must follow the health protocols, social distancing and avoiding crowd.

The wedding ceremony held at Gereja Yesus Gembala Yang Baik at Denpasar. The holy matrimony was very intimate because it’s only attended by close family and friends. The event went successfully after some drama due to PPKM regulation.  


Jonathan and Cathrine were very grateful by all the attendee who could be present at that day. Happy married! #CATHtemuJOdoh


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