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If Marriage were like a movie, then the dating period is the trailer. why go to see the movie, if you didn't even like trailer?


If you don’t like the trailer, it’s okay to say that you don’t want to watch the movie. But if you decide to watch it, do it because you know for sure that you’ll like it.


Before you marry someone, catch the whole preview. See what he’s like when he’s angry, when he’s sad, even when he’s sick. Find out if he’s persistent, if he’s a workaholic and if he puts his work before you. Find out if you’re able to live with it now and if you can accept him just as he is, because if you can’t, you won’t be able to later anyway, even after you’re married. 


I think that human beings are naturally wired in this way. It’s easier for us to notice what’s wrong, what’s bad, what’s to complain about every situation we’re in. We don’t naturally notice what’s good or what we can be grateful about it. It takes a much bigger effort to do that.


Marriage is combine two differents into one. marriage is supposed to hold each other and conquer all the obstacles together.


We quite a surprise, that Mr Abel and Ms Wendy came just two person. they want to spend their wedding so private and enjoy just their two. of them. since first met, we always seen smile upon their faces.


They had been together for 4 years, then their relationship never run smoothly because many obstacles that happened to them. and now they decided their path into marriage life.


we wish you a long last happyly ever after for your marriage life !




Wedding Ceremony

5 September 2015

Abel Tong and Wendy Zhong

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