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1 September 2015

Di Hua & Xue Jiao

it's been a whole since we assist a wedding party, and we got a chance to handle a wedding party for Mr Di Hua and Ms Xue Jiao. this time, the wedding held at Alila Uluwatu. the iconic sunset cabanna venue for held perfect wedding ceremony.


We have a funny story while we assist the wedding. One day before the wedding, we met them first time at Sienna Villa which they are stay for one night there, we get along each other with Mr Di Hua and Ms Xue Jiao.


On Wedding day, we just know that Mr Di Hua has a twin brother who held the prewedding photosession on the same day. We are so surprise because Mr Di Hua (which is his twin brother) with another girl who wearing a wedding dress too. how come on just one night, Ms Xue Jiao turn into different person. but then we realize that the REAL Mr Di Hua came from another room with the REAL Ms Xue Jiao. the one that we met at first was Mr Di Hua's twin brother.


after we pick up the couple, then we go straight to post-wedding venue at monumen nusa dua. it's 12 o'clock and really HOT that day. but we really appreciate that they can accomplish the post-wedding photosession on sunny day.


We had a lot of fun assist your wedding and we're wishing for the eternally love that came through both of you !


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