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“I fell in love with the way you touched me without using your hands”

-The Love Bits-


Lisa & Sugianto are a couple who came to Bali for a prewedding session. They come from Jakarta. Once they arrived at our bridal, we can see that they are a very cute and adorable couple. They joked with each other, then complimented each other.

On the pre-wedding day, the weather was cloudy. It was raining so hard at the first location. However, they remained enthusiastic and cheerful during the pre-wedding photo session. They understand that the weather in Bali can change unpredictably.

In the second and third locations the weather has improved, but the clouds still cover the sky, so the sunset does not appear on the beach. Thanks God, at the last moment the sunset photoshoot appeared a little so they got beautiful photos.


16 December 2022

Sugianto & Lisa

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