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It's been a while since we got an opportunity to assist domestic couple. this time they are a balinese and Again with another long distance relationship couple. 


Adhitya and Dessy, first they approach us for held an wedding reception.  Dessy contact me at first by an email, she known us from instagram which is our fate to meet this couple.


After a long  introduction, she came to our office to check our bridal studio. but it turns that she asking for prewedding also. 


The date had choosen at 26th september. which is Adhit just arrived at 24th, and fitting with us at 25th and 26th they begin their prewedding tour and 27th Adhit were go back to kalimantan. what a heavy schedule.


with this young age they manage to able long distance relationship. Adhit were working at kalimantan and Dessy working at Bali. 


Adhit and Dessy personality are very cheerful, and when serious shots, they cant able manage to laughing each other. they said is kinda weird somehow if they took in serious face .


The reception at 31st october, it just a count a days, they prepared thir ceremony with "Adat Bali", they choose us for an organizer to arrange the reception and we can't wait for assist their wedding reception !! :)


Adhitya and Dessy


26 September 2015

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