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30 Mei 2021

Tommy & Sheerly

“Loving someone and having them love you back is the most precious thing in the world” – Nicholas Sparks


                Tommy and Sherly are sweet and funny couple. Sherly is very lucky woman that have a man likes Tommy. They met in high school. Tommy is a senior and Sherly is a junior. Then they are having together for 6 years. During the pre-wedding photoshoot, we always laughed because of Tommy. At that time, not only for Tommy and Sherly, we all enjoyed the photoshoot. When they did Jacuzzi photoshoot, they looked very happy and enjoyed the view from Jacuzzi. At the second location, Sherly was very beautiful in long gown. Then we got beautiful pictures. Tommy always whispered a funny thing to Sherly and made her laughed and we could catch that sweet moments. They are very sweet couple.


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