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“Love you yesterday, love you still, always have, always will”

-Elaine Davis-


Andre and Vyna came from Australia. They came to Bali for a pre-wedding photo session. They are a young couple who started as friends, and ended up together for 5 years. Andre has a charm that can make Vyna always laugh with all his jokes. Andre also patiently gave his opinion when Vyna was confused about choosing a dress. They are a romantic and adorable couple.

It rained very hard in the morning. However, the rain stopped just as the photoshoot was about to start, and the sun was very sunny that day after the rain. Even though the sun was very sunny, the two of them still had fun during the prewedding photoshoot. At the third location, the weather was a little windy, but they were still positive that they could do a photoshoot in the cliff area. While at the beach area, they seem to have a lot of fun playing in the water.


21 December 2022

Andre & Vyna

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