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When you find that one that's right for you, you feel like they were put there for you, you never want to be apart.

-Joe Manganiello-

"True Love" may be suitable words for this couple. Introducing them is Hori & Nancy. They are a beautiful couple. They came from Jakarta to Bali to do a prewedding photoshoot. They came to our bridal with great enthusiasm. It is clear that they are a couple who love each other.


They are a couple who have been dating for 12 years. They met at school as seniors and juniors, then Hori ventured to ask Nancy out before graduating from school. Although they finally had to do a long distance relationship because Hori had to continue his studies in Canada, but they were confident that they could get through it, even up to 8 years. And when Hori's return from Canada, he immediately asked Nancy to marry him. Aaww 😊


They both love the beach, which is why they both choose beach for all photoshoot locations. Although the weather was very hot that day, they did not complain and still continued to photoshoot. They were a lucky couple, because that day the sunset on the beach was very beautiful. It is as beautiful as their love story.

Hori & Nancy

3 Maret 2023


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