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12 October 2019

Juan & Donna

   My first Philippine client! they are sooo in love! Donna was a model and Juan is a chef. but now they are in a long distance relationship because Juan have to move to USA. believe it or not they met in an online game! hahaha

    Yup both of them were addicted to online game, one day Juan asked Donna to meet in real life because they already in a friendship in online game for long time. 

    Since that meeting, they're in love and decided to be n a relationship. i have no trouble speaking with them since their English is soooooo fluent! 

     In the fitting session, they teased each other but that's make a relationship more colorful, right? in 2020 they will have their wedding in USA. i wish they have wedding in Bali so that i can handle their wedding too! hahhaa! but thank you so much for choosing us! we're glad to have you as our prewedding couple!


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