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16 December 2020

Jan Mi & Astra

“Let us get wet in the RAIN and get drenched in LOVE”



Astra & Jan Mi come from Jakarta to Bali only to have their prewedding photoshoot. On the day of their prewedding, the rain slightly pouring but they’re still happy to do the photoshoot. Tamblingan Lake became their first location with beautiful lake and hills, when we moved to the second location the rain won’t stop, so we decided not to waste the time and continue to take a pict of them under umbrella, it was hard but we still made it! In the end of photoshoot, this couple also invited our team to join dinner with them! Thank you so much for our team for your hard work! And of course for our beloved couple Astra & Jan Mi for trusting us! Wish you have a beautiful life!


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