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“It’s always better when we’re together”.

-Jack Johnson

February is a romantic month, the love birds will have romantic moments as well. The same things with Suwandi & Astri, they came to Bali for capturing the moment during the Prewedding session and also holiday trip with family.

The first location they choose was that the place had many spots to explore. Suwandi & Astri want the casual theme but still in an elegant way. They choose the dress wisely with our bridal team's help as well.

On a prewedding day, the weather was nice and it support this couple to have special moments in Bali. They enjoyed the trip, the location, and the work situation. It was fun and laughter everywhere, until the sunset session at the beach.

The sunset has its warm color as their love story at the beach. They show their romantic side even in front of the crew like nothing to embarrassed anymore! We were grateful that everything went smoothly. Suwandi & Atri also enjoyed the trip. We hope everything went well until the wedding day and thank you for trusting us!


16 Februari 2022

Suwandi & Astri

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