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16  October 2020

Herianto & Macerianti

“I Love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you”

-Roy Croft-

Herianto & Macerianti come from outside Bali, but for the first time they saw Bali, they already fall in love with its beauty. Bali is famous as island with thousand temples and also famous with its beautiful beach. That’s why this couple decided to have their prewedding in Bali.

This first picture taken at Seven Angels chapel which is simple yet elegant decorated chapel and second one is Balangan beach which famous with its cliff and beautiful view. During the prewedding session, Mace suddenly got sick and kept vomiting, our team who in charge during the prewedding took care of her carefully and finally the prewedding session run so well. Thank you for trusting us to handle your prewedding session!


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