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20 March 2018

Tono & Yanti

  “We first met in Bali. Although it wasn’t love at the first sight, Bali was where our memories were made. It’s where he used to ask me out, then hold my hands when we walk on the sidewalks. It’s where our friendship blossomed into love. So we decided to take our prewedding photos in Bali which is the place where it all began…” said Yanti

   Tono and Yanti are originally from Batam. They both came to bali for work and out of the blue they suddenly met each other just like they’re meant for each other. Even somewhere warm and sunny like Bali has its share of random rain. We expected sunny days, but mother nature had other plans for them.

   When they’re about to start the make up, rain started to drip and before long, the sky become so gloomy. Luckily the first location for the photoshoot is The Bistrot, which is an indoor café with a vintage impressive wooden and high ceilinged open space, immediately reminded of a New York loft space with a vintage feel.

   We were worried the sun won’t come out, but God gave us miracles! After finishing shoot in The Bistrot, thankfully the rain has stopped. Another location for the photoshoot is Seven Angels Chapel. Just like a song, Yanti is looking so beautiful in white. And after a while taking photos there, we move to Melasti beach. While we’re there, they were constantly amazed at how stunning nature was. It took our breath away. With the magnificient cliff, clear sky and a beautiful white sand, the photoshoot went smoothly.

  In the end, we had fun photo shooting. They flew home happy with the pictures and the memories. Thank you for trusting us, Tono & Yanti !



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