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“I saw that you were perfect, and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I love you even more”.

-Angelita Lim

Kresna & Susan were another young couples who came to Bali for their prewedding session. They came from Jakarta. Kresna & Susan were a funny and friendly couple. Once they arrived at our bridal we can see they are a sweet and cute couple. Then for the dress, they were chosen smoothly, even Kresna gave his opinion on the best picked.

On a prewedding day, the weather is mostly full of clouds. The rain was pouring but they were still calm and understood about Bali’s weather could be changed unexpectedly.  The rain moments gave them the mood for a pose, and we captured it as well.

At the last location, we caught the sunset even though the dark clouds were right on our heads. The photoshoot continued because they still enjoyed the moment that getting a soak in the rain together. The fact that Kresna & Susan were grateful for the result and we hope you also had great time while working with us not to forget to mention, thank you so much for trusting My Dream to capture your moments.


Kresna & Susan

22 Maret 2022

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