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“I love her, and it is the beginning of everything.”

-F.Scott Fitzgerald

Ade & Ratna already dating for years, and have planned to married this year. They come to us for the wedding package but then they are also interested in our pre-wedding package.

 In the short story, they come again for fitting the pre-wedding dresses, they choose some and get confused because of the many options. We helped them to choose and give advice based on the location and their preference as well.

On a prewedding day, the location was nice, and not many other visitors coming yet because we started early in the morning. At the first moment, they are still shy but then we encourage them and they have beautiful smiles on their face and also enjoying the moments. Their romantic side comes out until the very end photoshoot. They loved the locations as well. We hope everything going well until the wedding day!


27 April 2022

Ade & Ratna

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