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“It’s always better when we’re together”.

-Jack Johnson

Nico and Lisan were a couple from Kalimantan. They first met was at Bali and they started dating then. They were moved from Bali because of their work. After then, they decided to have a pre-wedding photoshoot in Bali.

On the Pre-wedding day, the weather was quite sunny but nice to have an outdoor photoshoot. They were easy to pose as we directed. But, when we move to the swing area, it was a bit hard to make the swing balanced, with all the efforts and they caught the moment on the swing together. The location has many spots to take the photo. We move to the beach location, the weather nice but windy all around. Luckily, right before we finished the photoshoot, the beautiful sunset has come and caught the moments. Thank you so much to Nico & Lisan for trusting us! Wish you have a great life forward!


27 Januari 2022

Nico & Lisan

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