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30 December 2019

Jeffrey & Santi

I Can’t Believe You’re Mine

So we will share the about this couple, they have a long distance relationship or we nowadays called it as LDR for long time. Jeffry works in Bali meanwhile, Santi works in Jakarta. They plan to have prewedding in Bali because Jeffry always tell Santi about Bali which have beautiful view.

We met Jeffry for the first time help him to arrange everything for their prewedding photoshoot, whenever Jeffry went to our bridal, he always take a shoot of the gowns and show them to Santi, they’re adorable!

Finally they have chose a date and Santi had flight to Bali. We arrange 4 hours photoshoot for them, it’s kinda short escape photoshoot because they look so natural, they often laugh and try to mock each other. The photoshoot went so well because of this friendly couple! Thank you so much for choosing us!


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