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4 August 2018

Iwan & Lilis

    The first time I met Iwan and Lilis, they told me that that they wanted to have a concept with an intimate scene and they briefly said that they also want to take shoot in Mirror Lounge and Club, which is a night club decorated with an interior like an old rome cathedral with a gothic feels, hmmm such an interesting concept I think. As I get to know them, i learned that Iwan is a sincere young man with manners, best of all is his personality and his ability to put us at ease, he even made us laugh happily during the sessions and also Lilis is a little sweet girl who is perfect for him and I liked both of them even more.

     Iwan and Lilis took  one  full  day pre-wedding sessions from us. The first place we headed directly is Mirror. Actually its not my first time to go there but I am still captivated by how attractive the place is. Its authentic and untouched and most of all the architecture makes it feels like we are not in Bali but somewhere in Europe. No wonder it is one of the most favourite place for couples who want to take a pre-wedding shoot. Afterwards, we headed to Seven Angels and shot a few scenes there. The next place felt more casual than the first two. We headed out to the balangan beach, shot a few scenes on the cliff, played around with the balloons and ended the day with a magnificent sunset. One day flew right past us and it never felt like work, not one bit. It felt more like a holiday where we occasionally stopped to take pictures and isn’t that the best kind of pre-wedding sessions? I think so.

    Dear Lilis and Iwan, thank you for trusting us and make this shoot so enjoyable.  This session made me feel blessed to get to know you both, lovebirds !


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