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7 Agustus 2021

Hans & Sherry

Hans and sherry are a sweet and romantic couple. They were high school friends for about 7 years ago and decided to get married next year! They come to Bali to take a pre-wedding photoshoot, even though there are so many new rules to travel to Bali, but they can get thru and felt excited when first arrived.

Then at bridal for a dress fitting, Hans and Sherry were very supportive of each other. Sherry always asked for Hans’s opinions, at that time Hans was calm but cared about how would Sherry look on the dress. 

At the first location, Sherry was wearing a white wedding dress that made her looked gorgeous with natural feminine makeup. And the next location, Hans and Sherry were not easy to move because of the big coral as the main spot on that beach, but we helped them to get comfortable and safe to catch a nice photo with the sunset ocean scenery. There, we have faced the rock staircase to go down to the beach, Sherry was afraid, but Hans lifted Sherry’s waist and help her. That was romantic. We hope both of you will be happy forever and we wish everything going well until your wedding day!


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