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Mr Budiman was an indonesian citizen and Ms Lie all the way from china. after the wedding they both currently live at Jakarta (which is capital city from indonesia) .


They go to Bali is for vacation . and meet us as fate, currently just passing by, they visit our bridal and decided to held a post-wedding. they took just only two places, first in their own villa located near blue point and balangan beach.


Their own villa were really beautiful and facing the ocean as a view. with a traditional interior and structure, create a good spot yet so fancy to held a photoshoot.


Like many recently married brides and grooms, couple usually through what is commonly referred to as “post-wedding depression,” an emotional response to the withdrawal one experiences after the intense high of wedding


People may say that after doing some of the most intense planning of your life, whether that’s for a couple of months or a year before the big day, and then suddenly it’s all over when you get back from your honeymoon to your regular life, you’re often looking for that same excitement and it’s not there.


mariage is never going to be easy and thats true, but why dont we just spend a a post wedding photo session. to reminisce how sweet your moment was and to create a beautiful moment :)





                        Budiman and Lie


07 November 2015


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