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Harry & Lily

9 Februari 2022

“I exist in two places, here and where you are.”

-Margeret Atwood

Harry & Lily are from Pontianak. They love Bali that much and they choose to do the Pre-wedding Photoshoot here. On the Pre-wedding day, the light rain pouring but still sunny. By that time, the weather kindly getting normal when we were at the first location. They try at many spots and poses as well. Harry & Lily enjoyed the moments because they like the venue as they wanted.

Last but not least, sunset on the beach is always the best option for couples. Yes, Harry and Lily wanted it too. On the beach, the weather was sunny and normal. It was like supporting us from the start. Until the sunset shows up, they did all the poses they like. Not to forget to mention, they care and love each other even showing their romantic side in front of the crews. We were really happy to see them enjoying the moments. Thank you for choosing us as your pre-wedding planner.


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