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The Edge

The edge is recognized as an exclusive private Villa in Bali with professional and personalized dedicated butler service from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave the Villa.  Located at uluwatu cliff where it’s belong, The Edge offering breathtaking views of the ocean from the pinnacle of the Island of the Gods Bali, Envision just the two of you exchanging vows on a secluded white sand beach or with dozens of friends and family gazing on as you celebrate your new life together in a lush tropical setting.


Surround yourself with romance, spectacular scenery and tropical charms, and have your dream wedding in The Edge Uluwatu, the perfect place to begin your new life together.


The Villa / The One / The View

  • Room Inclusion 住宿包含
    a. One night accomodation in The Villa (one bedroom villa) for 2 person, include breakfast 赠送新人一晚上住宿单卧室别墅,含早餐
    b. 24 hours dedicated butler service 24 小时专门的管家服务

  • Wedding inclusion 婚礼包含
    a. Priest or celebrant blessing ceremony (non-legal) 牧师或监礼祈福仪式 (不合法)
    b. Blessing ceremony include flower decoration up to 12 guest (include bride & groom) 祈福仪式包括花装饰多大12 位客人(含两位新人)
    - Floral decoration ceremony 鲜花装饰的婚礼
    - One hand bouquet for bride 一个新娘手捧花 & One corsage groom 一个新郎胸花
    - 2 basket flower shower 两蓝花瓣雨
    - Flower aisle 花瓣路
    - 12 tiffany chair 12 张 Tiffany 椅子
    - Sound systems set 音响设备
    - Wedding toast for bride and groom 二位新人的敬酒
    - Welcome drink up to 10 guest 迎宾饮料多大10 位客人
    c. Commemorative wedding certificate (non-legal) 纪念结婚证书 (不合法)
    d. Wedding welcome board 婚礼欢迎牌
    e. Electricity provided with maximum of 1.000 watt 电力提供的最大值1000 瓦
    f. Event fee and banjar fee, max for 40 persons including bride & groom 活动费和公所费,婚礼人数最多为40 人包括新人
    g. Standard flower decoration 婚礼场地标配布置
    h. Two boys with ceremonial umbrella & Two flower girls 两位伞童拿着正式巴厘风伞和两位花童
    i. Wedding singer & Keyboard 歌手和电子琴师
    j. Pressing service for Groom & Bride (one attire each) 婚礼当天为新人提供婚纱/西装熨烫服务(新
    k. One time 3 course romantic dinner for bride & groom 一次的烛光晚餐给两位新人
    l. Hotel – Wedding Venue transport service (pick up ONLY) for the couple (not include guests ; only for hotels in Nusa Dua,Uluwatu,Jimbaran,Kuta,Legian,Seminyak,Sanur Area) 婚礼当天从酒店接新人去婚礼场地(单程),不含宾客(限努萨杜瓦,乌鲁瓦图,金巴兰,库塔,水明漾,萨努尔区)


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