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 10 September 2015

Xuan Chen and Wang Xiao Yi

For the wedding, it our first experiences assist the wedding day with bridesmaid and bestman. although we have known that trend before, but entire of my dream history, this is the first time.


Mr Xuan and Ms Wang completely buy out all the rooms at the edge, so the wedding is run privately. we start our day with the "Grooms meet the bride" ceremony, we are so happy to assist the bestmans and bridesmaids because they are so funny and really huge crowd. the door games also run in unique style with dance, they said the title of the doorgames was "escort the bride" that was so a great experiences.


After that we continued with teapay ceremony for parents, and then we continued to the ceremony. Mr Xuan and Mr Wang burst on tears on the parents rose ceremony. they feel their untlimited thankfull for raising them with love and care, and now they must separated because of their new life which is marriage life. 


After done the ceremony we continued the dinner reception. Mr Xuan already prepared the flashmob with their bestman, they are dancing under the fireworks with a chinese song. 


It was an incridible experiences for us, the guest, the couples the wedding partners are all corporated with this wedding. we wish you all the best for new life !






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