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11 April 2019

Wu Xuan Dong & Zhu Ying

Intimate weddings. There has been so much of that lately. There are many great reasons to having a smaller wedding, such a budget considerations, venue options, etc but the best one would probably be being surrounded by your closest and dearest. I watch couples who get married in an intimate setting and I love their energy. The looks on the faces seemed more real somehow. Like the glow comes straight out of their hearts. They could let loose and be themselves, from start to finish. They also seem less stressed, because they were surrounded by friends, who knew exactly who they were so they didnt have to pretend.

Wu Xuan Dong & Zhu Ying begin their day of love at Samabe Suites and Villas in Bali it was certainly one of the sweetest wedding. Being around them is such a joy, they always seem to have something to laugh about, and their laughter is contagious. They are kind hearted and generous. This kind of receptions make intimate mornings for holy matrimonies even more special. Intimate and emotion filled. Surrounded only by those closest to you. Thats special.

I love that Wu Xuan Dong & Zhu Ying was carried the romantic mood throughout the whole day, even in the midst of the reception. They had briefed me earlier about wanting a romantic wedding, but I didnt have faintest idea about how romantic these two were until I saw them on their wedding morning. Wu Xuan Dong is hands down the most romantic groom I have ever had the privilege to cross paths with. It really wasnt hard to see how Wu Xuan Dong could fall head over heels in love with her

Congratulations, Wu Xuan Dong & Zhu Ying You guys are the sweetest!


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