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15 December 2016

Tong Ge & Lei Ni

    This wedding took place in Pearl Chapel inside Samabe Hotel in Nusa Dua area. the chapel is in a triangle shape with ocean view as the background. the weather on that day was little bit cloudy, fortunately on wedding time, the rains was not falling down, and the wedding went so smooth as it is planned! 

    Tong Ge is a very kind and patient groom, he smile and greet everyone. the very unique moment was when one of the wedding assistant realized that his face looks like famous Indonesian singer, then he laughed loudly, seems very happy and proud to hear it! 

Lei Ni, the bride looked so beautiful inside and outside, she is calm and patient. such a nice couple!

well, both of them deserve a happy marriage life!

    Heartiest congratulation on your marriage. may your marriage be like a cloudless night sky filled with sparkling stars of love, joy and care!


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