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15 September 2016

Austin Bian & Lynn Wang

 Several weeks before wedding ceremony, Austin and Lynn went to Bali to do inspection, they looked so confused in which chapel they should hold the wedding. But some suggestions, they decided to hold the wedding in Tirtha Uluwatu Chapel.

This couple is unique couple since they are from China but the groom could speak Indonesian! Cool isn’t it?! Austin Bian still learn to speak Indonesian since his family from China move to Indonesia to continue their business, but Austin still stay in China. After deciding to get married with Lynn, he will move together with Lynn to Jakarta.

   The first time we met with this couple they are very detail, they concern with everything in the wedding, that make us amazed! We arranged their wedding and bridal rent. Well, Lynn is a fashion designer, that’s why she has different taste with other people. But it was not matter since our bridal has lot of new collection. When she took a look to our bridal she liked it! Yeay! We are happy that she fell in love with our new red dress! Not only dress but also make up, yes she was very detail about how will she look on wedding day. The ceremony was going smoothly, and after ceremony they had halfday prewedding photoshoot. After it, they continue to have dinner with all guests in Kayumanis Nusa Dua. The ambience was so warm with backsound, and laughter from family. Thank you for using our service!

    Let your marriage live as long as the sun does.

    Congratulations on your wedding!


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