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18 October 2016

Li Yilu & Yin Shanshan

    Mr. Li Yilu & Ms. Yin Shanshan hold their beautiful wedding in Bali on 18 October 2016. they chose water wedding in Ocean Chapel as their wedding venue. this beautiful venue with ocean view as the background is literally amazing! 

    This romantic couple could lift up the atmosphere, made the wedding ceremony went so smooth. 

the weather that day was great, the sun shine so bright reflected how great their love is. 

    Li Yilu was her senior in college, and they met again in the college reunion, that's the beginning of their relationship. since in the college life Li Yilu secretly liked her, but she didn't notice. and when they met again, he thought this was his second chance, he was brave enough to start talking to her. after had relationship for 2 years, the decided to get married. and live happily ever after!

    May happiness find you in every corner of the globe as you begin your new life together. congratulations!!


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