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        Victor Ding & Amanda Gong


1 October 2015

It's our dream to assit people who want to married in anyway that they wanted, and now this time, we've got an opportunity to assist blessing ceremony on pool.


This wedding took place at karma kandara resort's swimming pool which has a fantastic ocean and cliff, it's our challenge too for realizing our client expectations because the challenging aisle.


Mr Victor and Ms Amanda all the way from Canada to Bali for celebrate their wedding. actually they are from china who lives at canada. Ms Amanda is an easy going girl who really cheerful and active. and Mr Victor who calmly and quite person.


Even though it's a challenge for us to held wedding on water, but we never feel down because that was a beautiful aisle we are ever seen.a blue sky, blue ocean and blue water in pool combined together and completely with good decorations, it was so awesome.


The ceremony took an hour and it was run smoothly, and we can seen a hapiness through Victor and Amanda's face, then continued with the reception, the reception took at D'mare restaurant in karma resorts, they are really in to it with our run event, dancing even singing karaoke, the ambience turn heat until fireworks came for the climax.


We wish you happyly ever after our lovely couple :)






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