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23 Apri 2018

Zou Liu & Chen Ting

I didn’t have time to digest that I’m going to be married soon until I really saw Zou Liu standing by the altar. I felt Dad holding my hand. I heard a sopran girl started singing ‘Beautiful in White’ by Westlife. I started walking down the aisle while everyone’s eyes were on me.

When the chorus ended, we reached the altar. Dad took Zou Liu’s hands and mine. He said advices to him, and give my hand to him with a heavy heart (I’m his only daughter and the youngest of the family).

The most unforgettable part is when we did rose parents ceremony. We both give our parents rose as a symbol of eternal love and say our gratitude from our deepest heart and sincerely thank to our parents. My parents who was so touched that they cried on the spot, and hugged us both.

Since that moment, everything went so fast. And before we knew it, the priest pronounced us as husband and wife.

It’s surely the most wonderful moment of my life. I still can’t believe that beautiful day went so fast, I feel like I still want to do it because it’s just too beautiful to be remembered !


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