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Wedding Ceremony

25 September 2015

Wang Shuai and Yan Lu

After several days we spent with this couple, and we finished the pre-wedding photo shoot as well, then Well Hey, the wedding day is coming :)


The wedding held at Tirtha Uluwatu, attended by Mr Wang's parents and Ms Yan Lu's parents. it might be a simple modern kind of wedding ceremony, but for my opinion the ambiene of wedding is more private and more warmth between couple and attendee.


If could named this wedding with a title, maybe "A Sweet Love Story of Childhood Friends to Adult Sweethearts"


They parents were a good friends in a same village at china. the year that Mr Wang Shuai moved to Jakarta were the hardest time for ther couple, but Growing apart doesn't change the fact that for a long time they are grew side by side; their roots will always be tangled.


So happy to assist this couple for several days, hope your relationship grow more bigger each other and blessed from God enternaly.


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