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27 August 2018

Yang Xin & Zhang Ning Ge

What I do know about weddings is that it is a celebration of love. Its when two people have decided to love each other for the rest of their lives and to build a family together. That decision definitely calls for a celebration!

Weddings are supposed to be about them. About the happy couple. About their decision. About their love. And while dressing up properly is a sign of respect to the bride, the groom and their entire family, when they have invited you to join them in this joyous occasion, it would be much more meaningful if you thought about the couple,  brought your heart, effortlessly, and say a little prayer for their wellbeing on their new journey together.

The funny thing is that although we place so much energy and importance on a wedding day, it isn’t the biggest day of our life. The biggest day of your life is every day afterwards. Because it’s not the pledge to love someone that matters, but the act of fulfilling that pledge that is most important. In other words, it’s only just begun.

You’ve only just began, Zhang Ning Ge and Yang Xin. Congratulations, once again, to the both of you. Stay in love and deliriously happy for, because of each other.


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