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 “I love you more than there are stars in the sky and fish in the sea.” —Nicholas Sparks

Gige and Peter were a romantic and funny couple. They were dating and then decided to get married. They were prepared all by themselves and family also help the preparation.

Gige was the first bride with Hijab that comes to our bridal. That was a quite challenge for our team to make her dream wedding gown. For this situation, we do a fitting a couple of times to make sure the gown was what she wanted.

The wedding day was coming, and she was happy with the result of the 2 wedding gowns she loved. How she likes the dress as she kept asking for more photo sessions even after the ceremony and reception were finished. Happy wedding to both of you we are happy to help and wish you a happy marriage!


29 Mei 2022

Peter & Gige

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