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12 February 2019

David & Stephany

         David and Stephany work at the same company, it’s funny that they don’t know each other. So, one day when Stephany was working, she saw David and asked one of her friend “who is he?”, her friend answered “he is David, don’t you know him? He’s one of worker in our company.” “oh I see”, Stephany said.

       In the early 2018, there’s a company meeting, they finally meet and their colleagues started to teased them. After the meeting, David tried to get close to Stephany. In short, they finally in a relationship in June 2018.

When they have vacation to celebrate their birthday (which coincidentally in the same month), David proposed her. David want her to be his wife and his future. And they decided to get married in February 2019.

          So, from their story, we all realize that if s/he your destiny, you don’t need to wait any longer. There’s always way for your eternal happiness.


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