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23 April 2023

Kim & Feni

Sani and Sandri is our friend of mine, we've known their love story since the very begining they've met . 


They are actually a guiding from different travel agent and met by coincidence in Ubud while they are in duty . Sani has a good feelings with his first meeting but since he in duty back then. he hide his feelings. but God made a plan in different way, what a coincidence that they've met 3 times in a day with same route. this is a Sani's chance to get know about sandri more.


as the time goes by as the feelings grow , Sandri move to the same travel agent with Sani . a lot of strungle of life step by step they conquer together. 


and for their big day, we've got an opportunity to held their wedding at royal santrian . since morning to night we organize all the things starting teapay, groom meets bride , ceremony and dinner.


because of tight schedule and tradition since morning, the wed-couple feel tired and skip the rehearsal. at the first time we are afraid because show must go on without rehearsal. but in the end the ceremony was running smoothly and very touched.


the reception also crowded with family and colleagues, the guest are welcoming the wed- couple in grand entrance with using sparkles . a lot of guide colleagues , hotel partners and big family .


we are very happy and delighted , not because of they are our friend of mine, but because we've known their story and finally they came up with a happy beginning to start a new life . HAPPY WEDDING SANI AND SANDRI !



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