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7 March 2018

Zhang Qiang & Yu Ting Ting

“I believe that it is important to be surrounded by people with positive energy during your wedding day, after all, it is your big day, anything could happen and overflowing emotions might hit at any moment. And that’s why we are forever thankful to work with vendors that are like friends, making us so comfortable during the day, just like having friends around – effortless.” Said Zhang Qiang

If I were to describe their wedding in one single description, the right way to describe it is that, it was full of emotions. A 7-year worth of relationship, packed into a beautiful wedding ceremony with an ocean as the witnesses  to commemorate their lifetime commitment.

Zhang Qiang & Yu Ting Ting have always told us that they wanted a small, intimate wedding. We just never knew it would be this small and intimate, 10 people to be exact, and it was just perfect. When I mean everything works in our favour, it literally did. We were really blessed with a great weather during the wedding day. The sun was bright all afternoon for the ceremony and after the wedding shots.

Before the ceremony starts, Zhang Qiang secretly told us that he want to sing a song for his dearly wife. He already prepare the song and also his favourite ukulele that he directly bring from china. How lovely he is !

Thankfully the ceremony runs so smoothly. We are so happy and blessed to be a part of their beautiful wedding day.


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