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My Dream Bridal has vision to assist couples from around the world to help them manage their wedding preparation step by step from major to details. And our mission is to create a beautiful and magnificent wedding that will fulfill client's highest satisfaction.


We provide various services, such as:


1. Pre-Wedding Packages

2. Wedding Packages

3. Rental Services of Best Quality Wedding Dress

4. Wedding Consultation

You will have the entire professional team working for you to make your wedding more memorable; Yes, we provide the Professional Make-Up Artist to enhance an individual’s natural beauty,  A Passionate Photographers and Videographers to create beautiful masterpieces, Solid Teamwork to organize your blessing ceremony until dinner receptions, we also provide decoration and entertainment to light up your wedding party.

We will do our best capabilities and ensure you to receive an excellent services. Consider us as your trusted partner to be a part of your unforgettable wedding day.

Because MY DREAM makes your dreams come true.

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