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2 Maret 2020

Benny & Meivian

Benny and Meivian's love story started when they met through some friends. Benny liked Meivian right away and captivated by Meivian's warmth and charm, found himself drawn to her from the very beginning. What makes their journey even more special is the support of Meivian's mother, who plays an important role in their relationship.

After five years together, Benny felt it was time to take the next step. With a heart full of love and dreams, he proposed to Meivian, and she happily accepted. They came to us to do their prewedding photoshoot. However, after seeing the results of our team work, they decided to entrust their entire wedding to us.

They chose to have their wedding at Ulu Segara Resort. They shared their vision for the wedding, expressing the specific concepts and ideas they had in mind. We worked hard to fulfill all of Benny and Meivian's requests and make sure their wedding day was just as they wanted it to be.

On their wedding day, all family and friends gathered to celebrate Benny and Meivian. They were overjoyed as the wedding exceeded their expectations, and they expressed gratitude to the entire "My Dream" team for helping plan their special day. As the wedding planners, we were delighted that everything turned out as they want. We hope Benny and Meivian have a happily ever after in their married life.

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