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27 Agustus 2021

Daniel & Nopi

“My heart is so full of you. I can hardly call it, my own”.

-Liana Radulescu

Daniel was the lucky guy who married the beautiful bride, Nopi.  Nopi was wearing a white dress with a long tail for their holy matrimony and Daniel was dashing in a navy-blue tuxedo. Well, on their face no more nervous, but happy. The moments of preparation were captured easily because Daniel and Nopi are love to be in the frame.

The bridesmaids were prepared for a gate crash for Daniel before meeting Nopi. Daniel was told to dance and he made it even the dark clouds were on the top of our head has not made Daniel nervous, he crashed the gate and dance well with the bridesmaids as the judge. Nopi was extremely happy with it because she can finally meet her groom.

The holy matrimony was attended by family and close friends. It was going well until the very end of the ceremonies. Daniel and Nopi were looked happy also grateful because all of the steps were done smoothly. We wish you both have a happy married life until the end! Happy wedding Daniel & Nopi!

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