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23 April 2023

Kim & Feni

Kim and Feni initially met as business colleagues. Over time, their professional relationship blossomed into love. After three years of dating, Kim decided to propose to Feni, and she joyfully accepted!

They chose Tirtha Chapel Uluwatu as their wedding venue and Glass House by Tirtha as their reception venue. They came to us and instanly selected us as their wedding vendor after trying on our beautiful dresses that included in our wedding package.

From their first visit, it was evident that Kim deeply cared for Feni. He assisted her in choosing the dress, showered her with compliments, and tenderly held her hand as they descended the stairs. Their cheerful demeanor around each other was infectious.

On their wedding day, everything proceeded smoothly. Kim was mesmerized by Feni's appearance in her wedding dress, holding a bouquet of flowers. His gaze remained fixed on her throughout the day, and they radiated happiness. Even during their wedding dance, Kim's attention was solely on Feni, exemplifying their deep connection and love.

As the day drew to a close, our photographer presented them with several photos, which they adored. We were thrilled to have played a part in their happiness and wish them a lifetime of love and joy.

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