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30 September 2021

Handre & Selvi

“I have for the first time found what I can truly love. I have found you.” – Charlotte Bronte-

Handre and Selvi both came from Jakarta. They chose our most recommended package because they want to have both sunrise and sunset for their memorable pre-wedding day.

When we arrived at the first location, it was still dark so we can see the stars and moon shining early in the morning right before the sun rise. At that moment Selvi was so mesmerized with the beautiful sky and said that it was her first time to see such beautiful view.

Not only that, the weather was perfect that day so they got to see how the sun start rising and the fog around slowly lifted.

During the photoshoot, Handre was being a good partner for Selvi. He helped Selvi to step carefully into the boat, pay attention to her dress and make sure she is safe and comfortable enough in the boat. They both enjoyed the photoshoot even though it was quiet hot in the location and even shared the portable fan that we brought J. After a long day they still have the enthusiasm to finish the photoshoot at the beach while the sun was setting.

Dear Handre and Selvi, thank you for trusting us to create a memorable pre-wedding. May your life always filled with love and laughter!

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