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18 December 2019

Benny & Meivian

I, YOU and US

In this chance, we will tell you guys about our couple Benny & Meivian. Benny & Meivian know each other because of their friends and actually Benny’s mom take role in it! During our time handling this couple, we can see clearly that they have wonderful cooperation together. They work like a team! When Meivian got tired during prewedding session, Benny try to help her simply by offering water and support her. It’s kinda cute to us!

When the client trust you, they will choose you! After some discussion and meeting this couple agree to choose My Dream Bridal & Wedding as their vendor to handle everything for their prewedding photoshoot. We gave them some of the prewedding location with great view, so here’s!  The prewedding photoshoot took place at Pinggan Village where everything is still natural, the view from above is awesome! We took some picture of them and then move to the next location which is still nearby. The unknown forest which surrounded by tall trees! And the last is Melasti beach which is famous with its twin cliff.

The prewedding went so well, Benny & Meivian help us a lot! We have nothing more to say but thank you so much for trusting us to handle your prewedding session! May everything go well until your wedding day!

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