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27 August 2019

Agil & April

  April, the bride-to-be is kinda impatient, humorists and active girl. Agil is kinda sweet and patient man. They choose us to handle their prewedding session in Bali, both of they are from Jakarta. 

  During our way to reach the first location of prewedding, i asked how they met each other. So, April told us that one day she was at Belitung it was a Church event because both of them are active in Church organisation, their friends start to tease them because they know April and Agil were single at that moment. Agil shyly try to contact April,they start to send short massage even do video call every night. but suddenly April feel like something wasn't right, she started doubting her own feeling. but Agil didn't give up to get closer to April and then April feel like Agil is the right man for her future, she's not doubting her feeling anymore and they both start the relationship.

   Time flies, after 3,5 years in a relationship Agil asked her to be his future and April said YES! They even choose Bali as place to do the prewedding photoshoot. they love beaches, sand, the nature of Bali.


       Thank you so much for trusting us to handle your prewedding session in Bali! may everything going well until your wedding ceremony! 

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