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3,5,6 April 2021

Sutomo & Suryani

“Love doesn’t mean you will always agree, see eye to eye, or never have an argument, it means despite the bad day you still can’t see yourself without that person-  anonym”


Suryani and sutomo are the inspirational couple. They in relationship from junior high school. Then they build the business together and always never separated. Finally they decide to getting married and chose Bali to make the beautiful memories. They booked our 3 pre-wedding packages and trusted to us to make them be happy.


These journeys were very long and took a lot of times. During the shoot, Suryani looked tired but Sutomo tried to cheer her up so that they could enjoyed the photoshoot. There were some locations that they visited, such as they enjoyed the sunrise in Batur mount and tamblingan lake. Saw the beautiful design of Rumah Gemuk. At that time Suryani in elegant dress that made the situation like fairy tale. Then they were very lucky because they could saw beautiful marigold blossoms in marigold garden. When they arrive in Saba beach and saw horses, Suryani were afraid, Sutomo tried to calm her and say “it gonna be okay”. Then she believed it and tried to enjoy the moment at that time. After that when they caught the moment in waterfall, the location was very difficult and needed extra energy through the spot. But they finally found a memorable moment in there. No only to Suryani and Suyono but to all crew member. We found the beautiful light that hid behind the cliff. It was shining and made the amazing spot. They enjoyed the time. Even though that was the hardest spot than the other but we were so happy and enjoyed for the unforgettable moment. They are a sweet couple. Inspired for all of us to trust each other. We hope both of you will be happy forever

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