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9 December 2020

Harman & Yenny

“I Fell For You and I am Still Falling”

Harman and Yenny have a plan to hold their wedding in Bali on February 2021 and choose us as the organizer, so they decided to come to Bali to have meeting with us. They already had their prewedding photoshoot actually, but they were interested with our package! They wish to have photoshoot at Mirror Bali, a night club which is famous with its interior. The prewedding was on 9 December 2020 and they choose Mengening Beach as the first location and Mirror Club as the second location, reflected from the photo that the wind was so strong at that moment, we even need something heavy to make our gown stay in its place. But, it was fun! Thank you Ko Harman & Ci Yenny for trusting us to handle your prewedding photoshoot and wedding ceremony. Wish everything going well until your wedding!

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