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5 February 2024

Kurniawan & Caroline

Kurniawan and Caroline's love story began when Kurniawan reached out to Caroline via Instagram DM. From virtual messages to real-world dates, their bond blossomed over three beautiful years. After their time together, they decided to take their love to the next steps.

They came to our Bridal to select our prewedding package, opting for the Diamond Package, which is a full-day photoshoot. Their first chosen location was Tamblingan Lake to catch the sunrise. However, upon arrival, it became apparent that Kurniawan was afraid to ride a boat. With Caroline's reassurance and persuasion, he eventually overcame his fear and was able to take photos on the boat.

For their 2nd location, they chose Munduk Waterfall, followed by Bedugul Botanical Garden as their 3rd location. Unfortunately, their time at the botanical garden was cut short due to heavy rain, allowing only a few photos to be taken. And their last location was Nyanyi Beach, where they planned to capture the sunset. Opting for dramatic photos, they decided to ride horses. Despite Caroline's fear of riding, Kurniawan gallantly offered her his horse and led it along the shore. The breathtaking sunset provided the perfect backdrop for their photoshoot, and they savored every moment of the day.

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