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13 Oktober 2021

Alfon & Yurita

‘My darling, all I want is to chase the beautiful dreams with you’. –Alexandra Vasiliu

Alfon and Yurita simple and easy-going couple. They have been dating for years since college until Alfon has to move after graduated and they start to long-distance relationship until today. But they were going to Bali for holiday and of course to make a memorable pre-wedding photoshoot. They were planning to have married next year. We wish everything went well.

On the day of the pre-wedding photoshoot, they were wearing a white wedding dress and match tuxedo as well. The location was beautifully surrounded by the ocean view and the weather was hot but this love bird handled it well. Alfon is always there to help Yurita because the stairs are rocky and a bit slippery. We are walks carefully but still amazed by the ocean view next to us. That was a beautiful moment and we were proud to be a part of these moments.


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